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Aniversari blog Notes de seguretatA year ago now the blog Security notes became a public phenomenon. These have been intense months searching news items which were relevant to security trends and policies, dealing with issues which, in one way or another, reflected practices and sources of discussion in a range of areas. We have had lots of different phases, excess material and difficulties selecting which to use, and the odd hardship when there seemed to be nothing relevant which was worth publishing. Along the way, things have got easier and easier thanks to your growing interest. Being aware of your presence has made us feel useful and inspired us to keep going.

Now, to celebrate our first anniversary, and as a way of blowing out the corresponding candle, we have decided to expand on the product we offer you every Monday and Wednesday. Therefore, alongside the news with facts, situations, reports or data related to some fields of security, we have decided to add a second format: short interviews with people who have a consolidated career within the sphere of security so that they can talk to us about topics which, in one way or another, are strategic. We do not foresee any regular date for the publishing of these interviews, meaning that there will be no specific timing for the combination of news items and interviews, as this will depend on the availability of the relevant people and issues, and so we will alternate news items and interviews.

This first interview, which will arrive with next Wednesday’s batch, is made to the commissioner of the Generalitat Police force —Mossos d’Esquadra, Cristina Manresa, head of security at the latest editions of the World Mobile Congress. These events with a worldwide impact have become a challenge to the security services and participants involved, and are challenges faced by all the big cities which serve as a venue, and we felt that this was a good point of departure which many security-related people on a worldwide basis could identify with.

Needless to say that, in the same way that the editorial board of Security Notes do not necessarily comply with the content of reports which are being echoed, the opinions stated by those interviewed represent only their point of view and not that of the editorial board nor that of the Department of the Interior.  The editorial board is responsible for the selection of those who are interviewed (and the resulting content) but under no circumstances is it responsible for the interviewee’s opinions.

We hope that this innovation sparks your interest and that you continue to honour us with your company and readership.

Editorial board of Security Notes


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