Notes de Seguretat celebrates its 3rd year

It’s been three years now that we have published two weekly notes on the blog Notes de Seguretat. Our challenge was to search news, action points, trends or security policies that made us think about this field and also to collect your contributions.

Considering the journey that we have travelled together, presenting you two notes every week, the numbers help us continue working with even more enthusiasm. After three years of work, our subscribers and readers will be able to value it, but the figures are significant: we have surpassed the number of 75,000 views of the blog with almost 40,000 visitors from more than 80 different countries. After 1,100 published notes in the four languages we present them to you, we already have to this day 620 subscribers.

As we did on our first and second blog anniversary, we will celebrate the third with four short interviews with distinguished people in the field of security, which we will alternate with the regular publication of notes.

We will be publishing four interviews: on Wednesday 19th of June with Albert Vilatarsana i Silvestre, director of the Public Safety Department of the Local Government of Sant Boi de Llobregat and head of the Local Police. On Monday 1st of July with Paul van Soomeren, international expert on crime prevention. On Monday 8th of July with Willy Demeyer, President of the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS). And finally, on Monday 15th of July with Clara Luz Flores Carrales, the mayor of Escobedo, Nuevo León, Méjico.

It should be noted that the editorial board of Notes de Seguretat does not necessarily share the content the notes it publishes and the opinions of the interviewees represent only their point of view and not the one of the editorial board or the Head Affairs. The editorial board is responsible for the selection of the people interviewed and the content of the questions, but not of the opinions pronounced.

We hope you enjoy these interviews and that we can continue enjoying your presence on our blog for a long time.


Notes de Seguretat editorial board


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