Security Notes completes its second year

Notes de seguretat - 2 anys años years ansSecurity Notes was first published two years ago. It has been a particularly intense time seeking out new information within the sphere of security, whether these are trends, policies or news items that help to elicit an enriching debate.

If we look back, we were full of hope and enthusiasm when we began this project but we felt a little dubious about being able to offer two quality weekly posts. Two years later, our readers and subscribers are the ones who can tell us so, but the figures also speak for themselves. We have had over 50,000 visits to the blog during this period, from more than 50 countries. And all thanks to over 750 posts published in the four languages we offer them in, which have all led to a total of roughly 600 subscribers.

With these figures, we have felt your warmth all the way, and this has ultimately made us more determined to continue to offer useful and quality material.

As we did to celebrate the first anniversary of the blog, we will celebrate the second with a series of brief interviews with outstanding people in the field of security, which we will progressively insert along with the usual news items. The interviews do not follow any particular predetermined timeline, meaning that there will be no specific timing according to which interviews and news items appear, as it will be in accordance with the availability of particular people and relevant subjects, and we will be alternating each.

This first interview, which will come with the posts of next Monday 28th May, is with the Director of the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS), Elizabeth Johnston.

Needles to say, in the same way that the Editorial Board of Security Notes does not necessarily endorse the content of the reports echoed, the interviewees’ opinions only represent their point of view and neither that of the Editorial Board nor that of the Department of the Interior.  The Editorial Board is responsible for the selection of those interviewed (and for the content of the questions), but under no circumstances for the opinions expressed by them.

We hope that this new series of interviews generates your interest and that we can continue to enjoy your company and contributions

Editorial Board of Security Notes


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