About the blog: Notes de seguretat

Notes de seguretat (Security notes) is a user space set up by the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Home Affairs aimed at sharing expert knowledge in the field of security with security professionals and the general public. Notes de seguretat main contributors are the Police Head Office, the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia and the Head Office of Administration of Public Security (via its Council of Security). The blog is an accessory, from a quality-based perspective, to the strong presence of Home Affairs related services on social networks.

With the publication of this blog, professional expertise and features of safety-oriented policies of Catalan public administration are presented. This is an initiative we regard as necessary and coherent with the responsibilities of the Government of Catalonia police force – Mossos d’Esquadra – as the comprehensive police force in Catalonia.

As in the case of any gencat blog, Notes de seguretat is open to reader comments, which will be published if they meet the following requisites:

  1. They are pertinent, meaning that they keep to the point.
  2. They are respectful and well-mannered and are not offensive, and do not intend to undermine the dignity of others.
  3. They do not contain personal information or information aimed at advertising.

The blog reserves the right not to publish any contribution which does not abide by these basic guidelines.