Seventh anniversary of the blog ‘Notes de Seguretat’

Soon the blog Notes de Seguretat will be seven years old. It has been a long and intense but very exciting stage, focused on the search for novelties, lines of action, news, trends and policies in the field of security. The aim was to open up reflections on this world, as well as to gather its contributions.

With the road we have all travelled together, delivering two weekly articles, the data encourage us to continue working hard and with even more enthusiasm. After almost seven years of work, our subscribers and readers can make their assessments, but the figures are significant: 210,000 views on the blog have been surpassed, with some 112,000 visitors coming from more than 150 different countries. With more than 2,300 articles published in the four languages in which we broadcast the blog, we now have almost 700 subscribers. And in all this time we have always closed the current year with better audience results than in previous years.

Very good results have also been obtained in the dissemination of the articles via Twitter in the four languages: 520 profiles are followed and there are nearly 400 followers.

As has already been done on some of the blog’s anniversaries, we will celebrate the seventh anniversary with the publication of six short interviews with prominent people in the field of security. These are cross-interviews on three specific areas of security: public order, police models and new security proposals. In this way, it is possible to offer different visions or points of view of scholars in the same field of security.

On Monday, 24 October, we will interview the head of Legal Affairs in Public Order in Northern Ireland, Ralph Roche, on public order. And on the same field on Wednesday, 26 October, we will interview Nora Miralles Crespo, journalist and researcher.

On Monday, 31 October, we will interview the former president of the European Society of Criminology, Rossella Selmini, on police models. On Wednesday, 2 November, we will interview, from the same field, Juanjo Medina Ariza, researcher for the Department of Criminal Law and Crime Sciences at the University of Seville.

And, to conclude, on Monday, 7 November, we will interview Professor Alex S. Vitale, on new proposals in the field of security, and on Wednesday, 9 November, also in reference to new proposals in security, Megan O’Neill, associate director of the Scottish Policing Research Institute.

It should be emphasised that the Editorial Board of Notes de Seguretat will not necessarily share the content of the articles it publishes, and the opinions of the persons interviewed represent only their point of view and not that of the Editorial Board or the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Editorial Board is responsible for the selection of the interviewees and the content of the questions, but not for the opinions expressed.

We hope you enjoy these interviews and that we can continue to enjoy your presence on the blog for a long time to come.

Editorial Board of ‘Notes de Seguretat’


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