A strategy for stronger European Union security in the next decade

The European Council has formally approved the ‘strategic compass’, an ambitious action plan to strengthen the European Union’s security and defence policy by 2030.

The more hostile security environment makes it imperative to take a quantum leap forward and increase the capacity and willingness to act, strengthen resilience and invest more and better invest in defence and security capabilities.

The strength of the Union lies in unity and determination. The objective of this strategic compass is to make the EU a stronger and more capable security provider. The EU must be able to protect its citizens and contribute to international peace and security. This strategy should enhance the EU’s strategic autonomy and its ability to work with partners to safeguard its values and interests.

In order to strengthen its ability to anticipate and deter current and emerging threats and challenges, respond to them and safeguard the security interests of the European Union, the EU must:

  • Enhance intelligence analysis capabilities.
  • Develop hybrid teams for tools and response that bring together different tools to detect and respond to a wide range of hybrid threats.
  • Further develop the cyber-diplomatic toolbox and establish an EU cyberdefence policy in order to be better prepared for and respond to cyberattacks.
  • Develop a toolbox for foreign information manipulation and interference.
  • Provide additional incentives for member states to engage in collaborative capability development and jointly invest in strategic enablers and next-generation capabilities to operate on land, at sea, in air, in cyber domains and in outer space.
  • Develop a Union space strategy for security and defence.
  • Strengthen the EU’s role as a key player in maritime security.

A stronger security Union should contribute positively to global and transatlantic security.

The strategic compass provides a shared assessment of the strategic environment in which the EU operates and the threats and challenges it faces. The document makes concrete proposals for action, with a very precise timetable for implementation, to improve the EU’s ability to act decisively in crises and to defend its security and its citizens.


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