Safe online shopping awareness campaign for the upcoming high consumer season

Europol is launching the #SellSafe awareness campaign in November as part of a series of consumer protection and e-commerce initiatives in the run-up to the peak shopping season.

Online shoppers need to be more vigilant than ever as organised crime groups continually adapt their online fraud methods to defraud both citizens and e-commerce companies.

Since the start of the pandemic, many businesses have had to go online to continue their activities. At the same time, with people now using online services several times a week and increasingly shopping online, there is a much greater opportunity for attack by cybercriminals.

Even when online shopping has been made secure through the implementation of new technologies, such as secure customer authentication or two-factor authentication, cybercriminals still find ways to steal money from online shoppers.

Europol, together with the Merchant Risk Council and participating countries, has launched the #SellSafe, campaign, following the success of last year’s campaign, to highlight key tactics to combat online fraud. The aim of the campaign is to make e-commerce safer by promoting secure online shopping methods and helping new vendors to open their first online shop by minimising the risk of cyber-attacks.

Participating countries will promote the campaign through their social media channels using the hashtag #SellSafe to help consumers understand the risks of e-commerce fraud.

To protect consumers, Europol has provided a number of useful tips to try to keep them one step ahead of fraudsters and ensure they do not steal money.

Tips for protecting an e-business:

• Make sure all employees are aware of fraud issues affecting online shops.

• Stay up to date on the types of payment fraud that affect businesses and have the tools to prevent them. Your payments organisation will have details on the types of payment fraud.

• Get to know your customers so you can verify their payments.

Tips for online shoppers:

• Never send your card number, PIN or any other card information to anyone by email.

• Never send money to anyone you do not know.

• Always keep all documents related to your online purchases.

• If you don’t buy anything, never send your card details to anyone.


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