Colombia is to inaugurate a university dedicated to security subjects

It is estimated that in Colombia there are over 380,000 men and women who work for private security firms performing duties as security guards. This is shown by the statistics collected by the country’s National Confederation of Private Surveillance Associations (CONFEVIP).

Those working in this field in Colombia are required to be of adult age, to have completed their military service, to have no criminal record and to have a certificate indicating a knowledge of private security questions.

It is for this reason among others that in the second half of this year a training university for security guards is to be inaugurated in Medellín. The new university will form part of the private security firm Andiseg, which plans to organise the training of the more than 1,500 workers operating in this sector throughout the department of Antioquia.

The aim of the new university is to keep security guards updated about the new technological tools that have been developed in the security field.

Miguel Ángel Díaz, the president of the security firm Andiseg, explained that applicants will be able to graduate from three different courses, each of which has been designed with a view to the requirements of the employment market in recent years and, in particular, now that the health and economic crisis has led to an increase of more than 7% in demand for private security services.

The persons who complete these courses will receive qualifications as professional technicians in private security, professional technicians in technological functions or professional technicians in the operation of drones and new technology, depending on the course that they choose.

With regard to these new tools, the company has indicated that the aim is for security firms to be able to offer more secure services in terms of the provision of security, through devices such as mobile phones, with products such as panic buttons and the geographical referencing of illegal activities or dangerous areas.

The aim is to introduce state-of-the-art technological innovations from the international security market. Artificial intelligence, blockchain and data mining will be made available to Colombians to make their lives safer and more secure, and to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Migue Ángel Díaz detailed new services offered by Andiseg to combine security with technology: online escorts, virtual guards and Andicity.

An online escort is a cutting-edge escort that provides security in real time in the field of logistics, while a virtual guard represents a form of remote surveillance that shows the end user what is happening in their office, factory, field, etc., in real time. For this purpose drones, cameras and monitoring systems are used.

Finally, Andicity is a panic button that is managed through an app on which users can report robberies, thefts, accidents or other new developments, and also receive the support and assistance of security guards and supervisors.


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