Substantial investment in public safety in Peru

policia perúPeru’s Head of State, Martín Vizcarra Cornejo, alongside the president of the Council of Ministers, Vicente Zeballos, and the Minister of Interior, Carlos Morán, led a ceremony in which 900 new vehicles were delivered to the Peruvian National Police (PNP).

The delivery was a sign of the government’s commitment to improving safety for Peruvians. According to the government, the investment aims to improve security for the population by not skimping on the experience and resources necessary to guarantee an effective police presence throughout the country, especially in the most dangerous areas. Furthermore, it underlined that the country’s economic development hinges not only on growth but also on security.

The investment in equipment will be complemented by an investment in human resources, with the incorporation of 12,000 new agents dedicated entirely to reinforcing security on the streets. At the same time, a study to look at ways of improving working conditions for police force has been commissioned.

The Minister of Interior specified that the police would be tasked with distributing the new vehicles between sectors, sub-sectors, and quadrants so that, initially, all commissions in Lima and Callao will have an exhaustive and monitored preventive patrol service. The model will be extended to the rest of the country at a later date.

The acquisition of the 900 vehicles – 700 cars and 200 pick-up trucks – is a testament to the fact that the safety of its citizens is a fundamental priority for the government. In this way, the service can be rolled out quickly, in line with demands from the public.

The vehicles have been acquired on rental agreements to allow the service to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the entire fleet of cars and human resources in operation. This is made possible because the contract includes vehicle maintenance (with 50 back-up vehicles), and no extra charge for faults, repairs, or accidents.

The 900 new vehicles and 12,000 extra police will see a return to more police presence on the streets, in parks, at universities, and other educational centres. The government underlined the fact that public safety is an absolute priority for the executive and demanded by the people. As such, they will not skimp on providing the experience and resources needed to tackle crime and guarantee security for both Lima and the rest of the country.

The vehicles, which are already operational, are equipped with LED light bars, electronic sirens, identification signage, and real-time GPS location monitoring.

They also have a telemetry system, compatible with any mobile device, which can, among other things, monitor fuel consumption and produce detailed reports on all callouts.


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