Report on violence and anti-social behaviour in amateur football in France

The National Observatory of Crime and Penal Response (ONDRP) of France has published the annual report on violence and anti-social behaviour in amateur football during the 2017-2018 period. In accordance with the study, 1.8% of the games played recorded violent and anti-social incidents.

Since 2007, the National Observatory of Crime and Penal Response has presented an annual report on violence and anti-social behaviour in amateur football. The study analyses the data provided by the French Football Federation, which records violent and anti-social incidents with a computer application (“Behaviour Observatory”).

Based on the knowledge obtained from the analysis of the data, different preventive measures are put into operation. Therefore, when there is violence during a match, it is recorded and given the “sensitive match” qualification and, for future fixtures, supplementary security measures will be employed to prevent criminal acts. Furthermore, the French Football Federation carries out different actions based on the data gathered, like the Federal Educational Programme (PEF), a set of educational files at the disposal of educators in order to draw attention to the benefits of sports, while abiding by the rules.

In accordance with the balance presented, violent or anti-social incidents have been recorded at 11,335 matches, 1.8% of the total, which represents a slight rise of 0.2% when compared with 2017-2018. This increase, however, could be related to a better precision when recording incidents rather than a rise in acts of violence.

In most cases, the most violent act was committed by a player (89%), in 5% of cases, the team’s coaches and in 3% of cases, spectators. The data is very similar when comparing teams playing at home or away, 47% of the aggressors are with the visiting team, and 46% with the local team and in 6% of cases those involved were from both teams.

Regarding the nature of the aggressions, in nearly half of the cases (49%) the most serious incident involved verbal aggression, of which 9% were threats. 45% of the violent incidents involved physical aggression. It must be stressed that during this period 9 aggressions involving weapons were recorded, amounting to less than 1% of the total. Moreover, in 76 matches, of a total of 11,335, the most serious incident was of a racist or discriminatory nature.

Les violences et les incivilités dans le football amateur – saison 2107-2018


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