Europol has requested the elimination of internet content in almost 100,000 cases

The German Federal Criminal Police Office–the BKA– has also created a contact office, which has sent almost 6,000 reports since it was created and is in close collaboration with Europol regarding “the contraband of crime”.

The BKA has opened a registration office to eliminate internet content. The German National Unit of Internet Reference has been in operation since October 2018. Since then, the BKA has already sent 5,895 reports with suspicious criminal content to Internet companies.

With the new department, the German government precedes the UE regulation aimed at preventing the spreading of online terrorist content. The legislative proposal was presented by the UE Commission in September 2018. The objective is to adopt the regulation as soon as possible after the election of the new EU parliament.

A central component of the regulation put forward is the very brief term in which Internet companies have to remove content. Furthermore, the Commission demands ​​filters of supplies of already known “terrorist” material, as well as “proactive measures” of the operators to detect this content independently in advance.

The German National Unit of Internet Reference is part of a European network in which each member of the EU has to design a point of contact in accordance with the Regulation. Europol, which has also administered this office in The Hague since 2015, acts as the central headquarters. Since its foundation four years ago, the Europol Unit of Internet Reference has sent 96,166 reports to Internet companies. In 84% of cases, the content or the accounts were disconnected afterwards.

Europol stores all the links, whether they are eliminated or not, in a separate file called “Internet References Management application ” (IRMa). With this application, the police want to detect which batches have been sent to suppliers of Internet services for their elimination, so that a second report is no longer necessary for another authority. The BKA has also been connected to IRMa since 1st January. The audio, video and text files that they have to remove are stored in a separate file “Check the Web” for further investigation.


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