Efforts from different sectors to combat phishing

At the end of March this year, Europol  hosted a joint meeting of the advisory groups of The European Cyber Crime Centre-EC3- about financial services, Internet and communications security suppliers, where they met with representatives of the industry to discuss the cybernetic threat posed by phishing.

Phishing is a persistent cyber criminal threat to data protection, used by everyone, from basic criminals to very sophisticated competitors.

Over the two days, global financial institutions, internet security companies and telecommunications suppliers shared information about the phishing that affects their respective industries and what can be done together with law enforcement agencies to combat this type of cyber crime.

The meetings also relied on basic observations related to phishing and automatic learning and an email service for companies, as well as group debates about possible solutions to this problem. Focusing on operative, technical, awareness-raising solutions, operatives to mitigate phishing, police agents and experts from the industry presented a series of recommendations and conclusions related to what can be done collectively:

  • Improve information exchange between industries, as well as with law enforcement agencies and other organisations from the pertinent public sector.
    • Implement basic concepts of secure authentication, a black list of domains and a blockade of common exploitations.
    • Train and educate users permanently and not as a sole force.
    • Adopt innovation such as automatic learning to automatically detect phishing emails.
    • Regularly review anti-phishing measures to stay up-to-date with criminals that are constantly evolving.

This transversal Europol forum is a unique meeting of assessment groups of security, banking and Internet infrastructures aiming to improve awareness and share the best cyber security practices.

EC3 established the Advisory Groups for Financial Services, Internet Security and Communications Suppliers to encourage trust and cooperation between the main industries of the private sector and police authorities in their joint fight against cyber criminals.


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