“Nadia”: The theatre as a weapon to combat radicalisation among the young

Nadia - Théâtre de LiègeA play written by the Dutch playwright Daniël Van Klaveren, tells the story of two fifteen-year old adolescent girls who, like other girls of their age, spend much of their time connected to Internet. One of them, Nadia, is seduced by the rhetoric of a Daesh lieutenant and begins a process of personal transformation that causes confrontation with her best friend. The play depicts the last days of Nadia’s life before leaving for the Caliphate.

The actors go to secondary schools to tell this story with the aim of making young people aware of the dangers underlying radicalisation and a loss of identity and about the challenges involved in finding an identity.

“Nadia” is the result of a theatre collaboration project involving five European companies[1]. This show, with different versions, was premiered in several European cities throughout 2017. It is a pedagogical collaborative experience that allows young Europeans to connect online to together explore radicalisation processes, social injustice, the feeling of belonging and what being young means in contemporary society.

The city of Liege participated in this pedagogical initiative of an artistic nature via the Theatre of Liege. Other pedagogical activities especially aimed at the young community in this city are:

  • The animated film “TORU” conceived and made by adolescents to arouse critical reflection, freedom of thought, deciphers mechanisms of manipulation and the causes connected to extremist and sectarian movements.
  • The implantation of the active pedagogy known as “BOUNCE-Youth resilience”. The objective is to reinforce self-esteem, the ability to assert oneself and to relate to other young people to stimulate resistance to extremist ideas that lead to violence.
  • “The road to democracy and freedom” is an urban circuit through seven symbolic areas of the city of Liege. This itinerary stresses the values of tolerance, of democracy, of freedom and peace; it also promotes civic values that are fundamental for social cohabitation.

This pedagogical initiative of an artistic nature is yet another expression of how one can contribute to the prevention of violent radicalisation via the educational, social and cultural environment, to reinforce resilience among vulnerable groups.

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[1] Nadia is a coproduction of la Fondazione Teatro Due Parma (Italy), Staatstheater Braunschweig (Germany), Det Norske Teatret Oslo (Norway), Théâtre de Liège (Belgium) i De Toneelmarkerij Amsterdam (the Netherlands).


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