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With the start of the school year, the FBI has updated and redesigned the web space it has to make children aware of security on the network: –Safe Online Surfing (SOS) Internet Challenge-, which has been operating since October 2012. The programme is designed with activities separated into six levels, each adapted to a school year, between 3rd grade, which corresponds to children who begin the school year between 8 or 9, and 8th grade, which begins at 13 or 14. The activities address issues like cyber bullying, the use of passwords, malicious programming and social networks, among others.

Each level consists of seven activities, with different types of games with questions and answers that aim to help children to use Internet safely, to identify and act appropriately when faced with risks that may crop up on Internet. Access to the webpage and its activities is open and free of charge. There is also a section where teachers can sign up so that they become familiar with the content and include it in the school environment. Teachers registered have access to a platform to enable their students to do the final level test, once all the end-of-year activities have been completed. The FBI publishes the rankings with schools with the highest marks, every month with three groups in accordance with the number of students who have participated in each centre. To encourage participation, the FBI informs that, whenever possible, a special agent will visit the winning school of each category.

Since 2012, over 1.5 million students have participated and have done a final examination on the same webpage and the web space of the programme has accumulated over 2.5 million visits. During the last school year, 12,560 schools participated in the activity, and 700,000 students completed the test.

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