The French are more satisfied with the police force than with the justice system

ondrpThe National Observatory of Crime and Penal Response (ONDRP) has just published a study based on data provided by the Cadre de vie et sécurité survey from 2013 to 2016. This study gathers the opinions given by those interviewed (people over 14 years of age) concerning judicial action in response to crime. The average number of interviewees amounts to over 15,000 people when the survey  was edited.

Most (64%) were not very or not at all satisfied with the judicial system. Only 21% stated that they were satisfied, while 15% expressed no opinion. Age is a factor which seems to influence the level of satisfaction with the judiciary. Hence, only 48% of people between 14 and 25 have a negative opinion of justice (although the percentage of people offering no opinion is higher than in other age bands), whereas roughly two thirds of those older are not satisfied with the judicial system. Among the young the groups with the most positive opinions are students (31.7%) and single people (26%), while only 20% of those with work and 18.5% of people who are part of a couple have a positive opinion of the justice system.

Level of education was also an important factor, as 55% of those who have not successfully completed their baccalaureate have a negative opinion, while in other cases negative opinions are around 70%. People on lower incomes are also moderate in their opinions (only 54.5% take a negative view), while those with higher incomes show a higher level of dissatisfaction (between 65 and 69%).

This negative opinion is stable from 2013 to 2106 (always around 64%). Such negative opinion and its consistency are a source of surprise if compared with the opinions expressed in surveys in reference to the police force and the Gendarmerie. During the first two years of the study (2013-2014) 48% of those interviewed expressed satisfaction with the two police agencies. The following year the percentage of those satisfied increased to 59%, a percentage which has remained stable until 2016. The amount of people who are satisfied with the police almost triples those who have a positive opinion of the judicial system, as the difference has noticeably increased over the last two years.


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