Security measures in first residences in France

33-facade-504410_1280Between 2007 and 2015, nearly 148,000 people resident in France took part in one of the new victimisation surveys by the Cadre de vie et sécurité which coordinates the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). The survey incorporates a module about security aspects in first homes: alarms, cameras, digital door handles, armoured doors and reinforced door handles. Other elements included are the presence of a dog or security personnel.

Security Device in first homes 67% of those interviewed said that they had a security alarm in their main home. Of this group, 39% have 1 security system, 23% have 2 systems and 5% have 3 or more systems.

The number of security systems installed also influences the nature of these:

  • If there is only one security system, in 55% of the cases it is an armoured door; in 40%, a digital handle, and in 5%, other devices, mainly a camera or an alarm.
  • If there are two security systems, the most frequent combination is an armoured door with a digital handle in 79% of cases. The armoured door with an alarm is the solution sought by 13% of those interviewed.
  • With three security systems, 38% of those interviewed combined an armoured door, a digital handle and an alarm, while 30% have an armoured door, digital handle and a camera.
  • 16% say they have four security devices in their main home.
  • 10% of those interviewed say that a concierge or security personnel are resident
  • And, finally, almost 23% say that they have a dog. Although it must be added that most (72%) have it for enjoyment, 5% say that they have one for security purposes and 23% for both reasons.

The most security devices in first homes in Franceapunt-33-angles-mesures-de-seguretat-francaSource: Enquesta Cadre de vie et sécurité 2007 a 2015. INSEE-ONDRP-SSM-SI

There are fewer security measures in rural areas, rented homes or when owners belong to lower income brackets

In order to analyse this subject with a greater perspective, it is interesting to bring together three aspects of the analysis: the type of dwelling, how it is occupied, and the place or neighbourhood it is located in. These are some of the conclusions:

In rural areas, homes not equipped with security measures outnumber others. Irrespective of type of the dwelling (house or apartment) and how it is occupied (rented or owned). Rented houses which have no security device outnumber those who do.

Urban areas

  1. Owned apartments are notably better equipped and most have at least two security devices. The armoured door and digital handle amount to 96% of those homes which two security systems.
  2. Owned houses with a dual situation: Some are relatively devoid of security measures and others are very equipped, with three devices or more. In the case of the most equipped, 45% combine an armoured door, digital alarm and camera. This dual situation appears to be related to two factors: the importance of the conurbation and the standard of living of its residents.
  3. Rented apartments are moderately equipped with security systems, as 88% have one security system.


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