In Germany, a dramatic increase in infractions of the immigration law


According to police crime statistics of 2015 published by the Bundeskriminalamt, crime rates remain stable in Germany. In 2015 the same number of crimes was recorded (5.927.908) as the previous year (5.925.668). On the other hand, infractions (which in Germany are also regarded as “crimes”) of immigration law increased by 157.5%, and there were 402.741 in total, compared to 156.396 in 2014.

Most of these infractions (232.348) are related to illegal residence, followed by entering the country illegally (154.188): which would appear to be how police statistics of the previous year reflect the nature of the problem involving the population on the move in search of political asylum.

As far as “common” crime is concerned, 41.9% involve theft (2.483.694): a slight increase of 43.634 compared with the previous year (approximately a further 1.5%). Burglaries, included in this category, increased in 2015 by 9.9% compared with the previous year and represent the highest rise and the main source of worry at this time. Most of these thefts took place in shopping centres (391.401), followed by bicycle theft (335.174) and stealing or breaking into cars (333.248).

Theft with violence also increased very slightly (181.386, a rise of 0.2% compared with the previous year). The most numerous involved bodily harm (127.395), followed by theft with violence (44.666). The total number of homicides and attempted murders is 2.116 (a 2.9% drop), of which only 5891 were consummated. Rape and sexual abuse also experienced a downward trend of 4.4% in this case (a total of 7.022).

Incidence of fraud and deception (966.326) and vandalism (577.017) continued to be high, although this dropped in comparison with the previous year, very slight in the case of the former (-0.3%) and more notable in the latter (-4%).

The number of people suspected (detained) continues to be stable, with a drop of 0.6%, if those detained for violations of immigration laws are not included. Figures corresponding to German nationals went down by 4.9%, but still represent 72.4% of the total. On the other hand, those involving foreigners involved 12.8%, but still well below half of the population at 27.6%. Most are over 18 (1.782.970 of a total of 2.011.898) and men (1.504.137, 74.8%).

The three länder with the highest crime rates (per one thousand inhabitants) are the three state cities: Berlin, 161.26; Hamburg, 134.79, and Bremen, 133.32. Those with the lowest are Bavaria, 46.87; Baden-Wurttemberg, 55.38%, and Hesse, 60.80.2

Source: Font: Bundeskriminalamt. Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik (PKS) 2015

1. 589 people have lost their lives because of these crimes. One criminal act could cause more than one casualty. The report, when referring to victims, is only taking into account the execution of the crime.

2. Violations of immigration law are not included. If these were included, the order of the highest crime rates would not change, but in the case of crimes committed less frequently Baden-Württemberg (57.61) would move Bavaria into second place (63.50).


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